Support for the Churches in Eastern(Central)Europe


‘People not places.’
Solidarity with the Churches in Eastern(Central)Europe

Welcome to the ‘Pastorale Forum’.

The ‘Pastorale Forum’ is an association for promoting the Churches in Eastern(Central)Europe. This happens by investing in people. Therefore, according to our logo, we support ‘people not places’. We promote people who can strengthen the Churches in Eastern(Central)Europe.

The focus is on our scholarship programme. If you are interested in a three-year-grant in the field of theology and you come from a European post-communist country, you can apply here.

Under ‘projects‘ you find an insight into the initiatives of the ‘Pastorale Forum’. These contribute to the analysis of the role of the churches in post-communist countries and to the support of an independent pastoral theology.

From 3rd to 6th September 2017 there will be a PoST-Symposiun in České Budějovice (Budweis), Czech Republic.
Issue: “… and you welcomed me / didn’t welcome me” (Mt 25). The refugee and the churches. Symposium of the network of the Central- and Eastern-European pastoral theologians.
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