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Admission to study at the University of Vienna

Information about the application for admission to the doctorate programme at the University of Vienna as well as all information about the studies can be found at

And here you can find more information on the doctorate programme at the Faculty of Catholic Theology at the University of Vienna:

Application at the ‘Pastorale Forum’

If you would like to apply for a three-year scholarship, which is to start in the Winter Semester 2018 , please send us the following documents by 15 January 2018 (in German or in English):
  • Essay on the topic of your project (about 3 pages of theses, objectives, procedure, raw outline) - dissertation or Habilitation (post-doc).
  • CV with signature; postal address, telephone number, email address
  • Copy of Matura (high-school-leaving) certificate + translation, copy of university diploma + translation
  • Request of the local bishop or of the Order for granting a scholarship. From this letter it should be clear for which future activity this further education will qualify you.
  • Letter of recommendation from the university professor about your academic suitability
  • Declaration of commitment: In the case of a scholarship grant, you undertake to work for at least three years in your country of origin, ideally in the theological-academic or ecclesiastical sphere. If you fail to comply with this obligation and do not return to your country of origin, you are required to repay one third of the scholarship paid to you within the following five years to the ‘Pastorale Forum’ (exceptions only by special agreement). The regulation also applies if you have not completed the planned course for which you have received a scholarship within five years. - This declaration must be signed by hand.
  • Please do not hesitate to ask for admission to the doctoral programme at the University of Vienna, because we can only grant you a fixed scholarship after a successful admission to the doctorate programme. (From the admission to the studies you have the possibility to enrol (make your inscription) until the winter semester, during which time you will not pay any study fees.)
Please send these documents to the following address:

Pastorales Forum
Institute of Practical Theology
Schenkenstraße 8-10
1010 WIEN

As an applicant you will be invited to a application interview, where you and your project can be presented personally.

For further information, please contact Dr. Prinz-Fülöpova. She can be contacted by phone +43.1.4277.31920 (Tuesday + Wednesday) or by e-mail at
Proposals for a dissertation or a habilitation
(These topics are preferred for a scholarship)

Fundamental Pastoraltheology
  • Pastoral history in a country or in a cultural region
  • History of the pastoral theology of a linguistic region
  • Pastoral theology today in a country or in a cultural region
  • New theoretical approaches in pastoral theology in a country or in a cultural region
  • Church documents of the Pastoral
  • Pastoral in the media era

Pastoral Theology of Parishes/Communities
  • Community development in a region
  • Pastoral role distributions in communities
  • Parishioners and spiritual movements
  • Models and experiences in categorical pastoral care
  • Church and society in a pastoral region
  • Priestly role-models and priestly life stories
  • Cooperation between the Church and civil society in social welfare

Religious education
  • Educational challenges in school religious education
  • Focus of the education and training of teachers of religion
  • Religious education in the family, schools, parishes, Mouvements

other topics
  • Pastoral and relationship culture
  • Counselling in theology and the practice of pastoral care
  • Analysis and interpretation of religious sociological research results
  • Pastoral initiatives in internationalyl compared
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