Support for the Churches in Eastern(Central)Europe


Previous projects
  • International research project DEPARTURE (1997, 2007)
  • Leadership trainings
  • Train the trainers
  • PosT network (meanwhile an independent association)
  • Orthodoxy-programme

Departure II (2007)

In 2007 the cross-sectional study was extended to a longitudinal study. In addition, the number of countries included in the study was increased from 10 to 14.
With a further developed questionnaire, the religious sociological study of 1997 was repeated in order to observe the development of the socio-religious dimension in the culture of the young post-communist reformist states in the last decade. The results were published.


Zulehner, Paul M./Tomka, Miklós / Naletova, Inna: Religions and Churches in East (Central) Europe. Ten years after the Wende, Ostfildern 2008.

Tomka, Miklós: Expanding religion. Religious Revival in Central and Eastern Europe, De Gruyter 2011.
Departure II (1997)

A major project of the ‘Pastorale Forum’ was the international study ‘Departure’. Its aim was to clarify several questions:
What damage in the religious dimension of culture has the communism in its fight against religion in the respective countries left behind?
How did the Churches position themselves in the communist era?
How do they reposition themselves after the Wend?

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Tomka, Miklós / Zulehner, Paul M .: Religion in the Societal Context East (Central) of Europe, 2000.

Tomka, Miklós / Zulehner, Paul M .: Religion in the Reformed Countries of Eastern (Central) Europe, 1999.

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